January 22

Taubman Weekend Brisbane



January 26


10:42 am


Perth, Australia Barat, Australia

Tickets at the door: day $150, Weekend pass $290. Concert tickets for Liam Viney & Anna Grinberg and Joe Chindamo & Zoe Black $30 / 25 at the door. Pre-purchases for in-person workshop attendance close Fri 3rd Feb, 11:59pm. Book online to secure your place with discounted prices.
John Bloomfield (Golandsky Institute USA) returns to Australia in 2017 for the third time, and will be presenting a weekend workshop Feb 4-5 at the Nickson Room, University of Queensland. Golandsky Institute Artistic Director Edna Golandsky, and Master faculty Robert Durso and Mary Moran (USA) will present online, and Therese Milanovic (Master Faculty, AUS) will also give lectures and take smaller workshops with Mr Bloomfield.

You can still purchase online access to this. See me play some Greenbaum in one of the master classes.


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Scheduled Down Time

Scheduled Down Time
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