November 25

Hello world!


Hello world! This is my first blog post and I’m certainly treating it as a tester. It has been a huge journey for me to move this far into the digital world. For those who know me well you will be surprised with how savvy I have become with technology over the past 2 years. When I first bought my iPad I was truly ready to throw it out the window in frustration but with a lot of patience and persistence I have grown to love it and feel if I were without it so much of my teaching and learning practices would not be as progressive as they are today. Especially working with children, using the iPad in their learning experience is part of their language and how they interact and relate with the world.

I look forwards to sharing my discoveries with you and assisting anyone who would like more information on subjects such as Music Technology, Musician’s Wellness Practices, Performance Psychology, the Taubman Approach, general leaning and a range of other topics. Enjoy!


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Scheduled Down Time

Scheduled Down Time
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