Our Lessons

At Play Well Perth, we strongly believe that music is something to be shared and we offer a range of different lessons and classes tailored specifically for the needs of every student. Our lessons make it convenient, enjoyable and time-effective to incorporate regular lessons into your everyday life. Learning piano through our programs turns traditional piano lessons on their heads as it gives you the skills to play the music on your wish-list with both a depth of understanding and ease. Whether you are an absolute beginner, an advanced professional musician or somebody who has played for a long time yet taken a long break we have the perfect program for you!

Accelerated Piano Program

Play Well’s Online Accelerated Piano Program is specially designed to move students of all ages from beginner to intermediate levels at a rapid pace, covering a mixture of songs you know and love as well as learning the fundamental practice skills to learn any piece independently. This program also enables you to be able to sight-read music fluently in a matter of minutes instead of months of traditional training and students move through their books up to 30% faster. We also run intensive versions of the program during school holidays to kick-start your musical journey.

Advanced program

Play Well’s Advanced Piano Program is designed for graduates of the Accelerated Piano Program who want to take their piano playing to the next level. These lessons give students advanced strategies to learn complex music with technical ease, speed and musicianship. These lessons also give students the skills to play at a university level or higher-grade exams and diplomas. We also work with other professional musicians who are looking to upskill or break through their playing limitations and perform with both confidence and brilliance!

Musical Mums Program

Learning music is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child in terms of developing their fine-motor skills as well as enhancing both their literacy and numeracy. It gives them the creative power to solve highly intellectual problems throughout their lives and connect with society. It is also known that studying music from an early age creates better connections between both the mind and body. If you are a mum who would like your child to have the best experience with music, this program is for you. We encourage all parents to learn the fundamentals of music theory and basic piano skills during this short course, as well as practice strategies to help their child succeed in their learning journey BEFORE enrolling your child in a lesson program (although it is never too late to learn if your child has already been learning for a while!). Many of our Musical Mums have continued to learn piano along side their child because they cannot get enough of what the benefits of learning music has to offer, making them highly qualified and confident to help their children leap into music.

Not sure which kind of lesson is right for you? Contact us today so we can help you choose the right program for you.

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