March 1

WAMTA Student Forum



July 6


05:42 am


St Mary's Anglican Church South Perth

Student Forum is a friendly, non-threatening performance opportunity for all students. It gives parents the opportunity to further encourage their children, students the chance to develop confidence and increase/enhance their performance skills and teachers the opportunity to see how their student handles public performance.

All students should be accompanied by an appropriate adult.
Use of photocopied music is not permitted under copyright laws.
Cost $2 per person. All proceeds are donated to St Mary’s Anglican Church.
Teachers must be present to support their students.

All students are given a program and are expected to announce their own name, title of piece and name of composer. Students are encouraged to acknowledge the audience at the end of their performance by bowing.

Students and audience members should remain for the whole program so that those at the end actually have an audience to hear their performance too.

All entries for Student Forum should be sent no later than the Wednesday preceding the concert. I am contactable by email, fax, phone or mail. Entries should include name of performer, title and composer of piece, length of performance and grade level (beginner, prelim etc.)


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