March 26

The Peak Pedagogue Lecture



July 6


06:01 am


UWA Conservatorium of Music

West Australian Piano Pedagogy Conference
The Peak Pedagogue Lecture Saturday 7th of April 5pm at UWA School of Music

The Peak Pedagogue: Tools for optimising wellness in the practice of piano teaching
Musician’s Wellness Consultant, Anastasia Buettner-Moore discusses some of the critical physical habits and mental practices required to teach at your personal best. This presentation is given from the perspective of a pianist with an extensive background in practices such as the Taubman Approach, Alexander Technique, performance psychology, personal training and life coaching as well as other forms of movement such as dance, yoga and pilates.
This presentation is useful for those wanting an insight of how best to design their life around their teaching practices in such a way as to avoid burnout and fatigue, conditions common to the industry. Some of the subjects included in this presentation will include how to establish the greatest sense of ease both physically and mentally for both the teacher and the student as well as preventing common sources of injury in piano playing, potential policies for handling sickness in the studio and tools for optimizing self-care. It will also explore some of the habits, routines and strategies necessary to combat common issues which inevitably arise in a society fueled by high levels of anxiety and stress from a piano teaching perspective.


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